News Article: Hauntings in China

Great article out of China about Hungza or haunted houses (Click on link for the full article). This article also references the Hello Kitty murder where a young 23 year old woman was kidnapped and tortured for a month before her death. Her kidnappers then took her skull and put it into a Hello Kitty plush toy.  The murder was solved when 14 year old girl with connection to the murderers went to the police because she believed she was being haunted by the murdered woman.

This article reminded me of a similar case in the United States when Teresita Basa, a respiratory therapist at a Hospital in Chicago, Illinois was murdered. In February 1977, the fire department was called to put out a fire in her home. In the blaze, the firefighters found her nude remains under a burning mattress with a butcher knife buried in her chest. Several months after the murder, Teresita’s coworker, Remy Chua, began having visions and dreams in which Teresita appeared to her begging her to go to the police and tell what happened to her. After some prodding from her husband, Joe, Remy gave Detective Joe Stachula enough information to implicate Alan Showery, a hospital orderly, who had come to her home to fix her TV. He had raped her and killed her, taking some of her jewelry to give to his girlfriend. Showery was tried February 1979 for her murder, and received only a fourteen year sentence for crime.

Though these two murders happened in different countries at different decades the experiences and out comes were the same.  The bottom line: the paranormal events were not necessarily culturally dependent. Though anecdotal, these crimes show that even after death, the two murdered women still had some control over event here among the living.

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