Ghostology Extra: What to Expect During a Paranormal Investigation

My first paranormal investigation happened quite by accident in a hotel room.  I was on vacation in Virginia City, Nevada and as I was testing a new digital recorder I realized the voice of a small boy appeared on one of my test recordings.  At first I thought it was my son but then quickly realized he had not been in the area.  I soon found myself in the hotel’s lobby awkwardly trying to get some answers.  I was embarrassed to just ask “Is this hotel reputed to be haunted?”  Luckily for me there was a small book store and I found a publication that covered the hauntings of the area.  Back in my room I discovered that not only was the hotel haunted but that the very room I inhabited was visited by the spirits of a young boy and girl.  I was thrilled.

Since that time, in 2007 I founded the Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization (SEIPO), I have visited numerous haunted locations and have conducted many investigations.  Beyond those accomplishments I have spoken to literally hundreds of individuals about their personal paranormal experiences.  There have been many similarities and patterns I have noted over the years. BUT the one characteristic I have noticed above all others is the paranormal is unpredictable and manifests in unexpected ways.

My first official investigation (with my newly formed group) is a good example.  Images of old houses and cemeteries may be running through your mind, but did you think of a demolition derby car?  Yes that’s right; I investigated a haunted demolition derby car.  Two men, brothers, and professional demolition derby drivers were out in their garage getting ready for the next event when a mist formed around the car, whirled around it for a while and then dissipated.  They happened to have a camera at the time and captured some interesting images.  We spent the majority of one night sitting around this car asking questions to it.  We had a few strange things happen but nothing too unusual. The most compelling aspect was our investigation was into the cars past.  To make a long story short, the former owners had gone to great lengths to have the car destroyed and were not too pleased to find the vehicle still “alive”.

I have been pinched, touched, scratched and kissed (yes kissed).  All of these experiences left me dumb founded as to what had just occurred.  I have also been surprised by my reactions.  I was kissed by an unseen force in an old bus station; I literally felt the pressure on my lips.  It did not scare me; in fact, I was filled with giddy-like emotions that I described as “feeling like a young school girl in love for the first time”.  Really!  I am not an overly emotional person, I am very educated and take paranormal research seriously.  And that is why I say during years of paranormal investigation, I have learned paranormal activity is erratically unpredictable and unexpected.

So there may be some of you who think I have just lost all credibility, all I can say is go and investigate yourself and quickly you will gain an understanding about what I am saying.  You will experience thing in ways and at time that will just leave you speechless and wondering how.  I joke from time to time when I speak of these experiences, some events are just so bizarre I couldn’t even make them up, but they are true still the same.