Real Hauntings of East Idaho (Eclipse Presentation)


Presentation FlyerClick on the image to download the flyer.

So I am very excited.  SEIPO and I have some up and coming events. The first one is a fund-raiser for Skyline High School.  I will be giving a presentation on my best investigations over the past 10 years.  It really is incredible that SEIPO was formed 10 years ago and now this presentation is going to be really fun to look back at some of the most amazing stuff that has happened.  I am also excited to work with the Skyline students and staff to put together this event.  We don’t want it to be just a boring seminar, but really make it fun with great lighting, showmanship and other surprises.  The link has been posted for tickets but I don’t think the tickets are ready for purchase yet, but they will soon.  Just have a couple of minor details to work out with Skyline.  -Thanks Scott


About Scott Brian

Scott is a professional paranormal investigator and the president and founder of the South East Idaho Paranormal Organization (SIEPO). His educational back ground is anthropology specializing in archaeology. He worked for over 10 in the countries of Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala as an archaeologist and bring his expertise for scientific investgation now to Ghostology.