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Not just any radio, The Ghostology Radio Show, hosted by Scott Brian, will take listeners on a truly enlightening journey through the paranormal.  Ghostology will take on paranormal topics that others wouldn’t dare.  We will help you to experience, explore, and evolve your views on paranormal activity.

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Ghostology Episode 1: Roxanne Owen

Scott interviews energy healer Roxanne Owen to learn more about this ancient are and also learn how the paranormal interacts with these same energies.





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  1. Sent: Wed, May 21, 2014 4:59 pm
    Subject: locatioons

    I have never researched this before and just started getting a little
    curious. I am not exactly sure what I believe. I guess I would call my
    self an open minded skeptic. Anyway I am not sure of the type of
    locations that you might normally focus on. I grew up in Woodway when
    it was still very new. As a boy growing up where much of the land there
    was still pretty heavily wooded it was a great place to explore. I
    found many grave sites. Most of them have homes on them now. There was
    a black graveyard pretty far back in the woods. I worked for the
    Methodist Children’s home and on a very cold winter night our
    electricity went out at our home. The manager said there was a vacant
    house there so we could spend the night without freezing. I was told
    the house was haunted and that a young man had hung himself there.
    There reports of sighting of someone moving about the windows. My
    daughter had a friend that dated pre civil war. There was a small house
    on the property I was told that was slave quarters. It gave me an eerie
    feeling looking at it. I don’t know if any of the places are haunted,
    but Waco has had a history of violence. I guess you have also heard of
    the branch dividians.