Pocatello High School Ghosts DEBUNKED

A ghostly figure was captured on the Pocatello High School security cameras in December 2014. A few rushed to label the footage as proof of paranormal activity at the school. Ghostology.com offers its analysis of the video debunking claims that a ghost is seen in the footage.

Pocatello High School Ghost captured on video!!!!!!! But is it real?

Unfortunately, I am leaning towards fake.  After looking at the video, it seems appears that the ghost maybe a string that is being dangled in front of the camera.  Also the video is so poor, I wish someone would try and get a original copy of from the DVR of the security system.

News Article: Selling a home in Ontario, got ghosts?


haunted-house-cartoon-landscape-illustration-coghill[1]Buying a home in Ontario: Got Ghosts?

Found this article online.

In Ontario if you are selling a home or commercial building you can be sued if ghosts are not disclosed.  Great read… enjoy.

Loyd Auerbach

thMeet world famous Loyd Auerbach on Wednesday night at a presentation he gave at Idaho State University.  It was  a great experience to listen (for once rather than present) and hear about his decades of research.

What I took away from his presentation was the idea that ghosts are much as they were in life and that many haunt single places because they are unaware that they can leave.  That was a really powerful concept for me.  I have wondered why over time some hauntings seem to dissipate over time.  I can see how a ghost over time could learn that it is not restricted to a single location.  Thanks Loyd!

Ghostology Presentation October 16th at 6:30pm

Flyer PresentationOn October 16th at 6:30pm the Idaho Falls Public Library will host Ghostology, a presentation on the haunted locations of East Idaho and parts of Southern Montana.  This event will be fun for the whole family and will be perfect to catch the Halloween Spirit.  We are going to share some of our best and creepiest investigations over the years and talk about how paranormal investigation isn’t just fun (witch it is…haha) but also how it can be used to do real science.  FREE ADMISSION!!!!!

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